Four Year Bender

New Album "Gettin' Gone" Available April 5th



by Four Year Bender

The title for Four Year Bender's debut, "Lucky", couldn't be more straight forward. According to songwriter/vocalist Ryan Smith, "....I've been fortunate to build a strong cast of musician friends over the years and they made this record a pleasure to make. Recording can be tedious but the further we got along in this one the more I felt like a lucky man...........It's also the name of the street I live on". 

This straight-ahead approach comes through in the music as well, and although great lengths were taken in the way of keeping it simple things didn't go as planned. What started out as a nice acoustic diversion, quickly exploded into a full length monster with just about everyone he knew participating in some shape or form. 

The sessions started in producer Mike Winger's apartment, moved across town to Sausalito's Studio D, and ended up in the world-renowned mastering room at "The Plant". Things were going too well to slow down. 

"Lucky" has a warm, down-home, charm that captures the good vibes under which it was recorded. It is the sound of good friends taking the time to make the record they've always wanted to. Curious? Give it a listen, I'll bet you smile.

Available on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and all the rest of them.